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Welcome to the Invasive Species Atlas and home page for the BC Spartina Working Group, a multi-partner initiative in BC and the Pacific Coast to find and control Spartina species.

The map layers on this atlas include many different species in many locations but are by no means complete. The Spartina genus has its own layer group because of the threat it poses to coastal habitats. Layers for 2010 to 2012 are substantially complete but data compilation of earlier years is a work in progress. Additional layers will be added over time so if you are wondering about layers and data for other species or species groups not present send a note This atlas now supports on-line data entry (user password required) and new table views of data that can be queried, filtered, sorted and exported to a users computer. A tutorial/training video is planned along with a "Help" section to guide users.

Using the Atlas & Linked Documents:

If you "mouse-over" points in some layers in the atlas a "tool-tip" will appear that contains a link to a table of data for that point. At the bottom of the table that opens you find a link to a larger table of records for invasive species.  

The Atlas Documnets section below holds a variety of resources supporting inventory and mapping of Spartina. The Spartina ID & Mapping Method file describes how to use your GPS to map clone locations and includes identification and removal information. You will find the BCSWG Spartina Progress Reports for 2012 to 2009 in this section.

To illustrate the serious threat from Spartina consider this video of the Willapa Bay, Washington struggle with S. alterniflora. This species has not been detected in BC yet but S. anglica is a fertile hybrid of S. alterniflora and is even more invasive over the entire intertidal zone in Boundary Bay and Roberts Bank.

We have just completed a week of herbicide treatment on S. anglica at Roberts Bank and this coverage by Global TV news provides a good overview of the methods required to effectively control S. anglica . We expect to see a significant reduction in the number and size of clones on Roberts Bank in 2014.

If you would like to get involved with Spartina mapping and control activities you can subscribe to the email service of the BC Spartina Working Group - follow the link in the Contact Organizations section to the right.

Spartina in Burrard Inlet : Workshop Synopsis 2015

Between February 27th and March 11th, 2015 Burrard Inlet Stakeholders and the general public contributed to the development of a management plan for the eradication of Spartina patens in Burrard Inlet.

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