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The Aquatic Information Partnership (AIP) goal is to make aquatic related information easily accessible and to create knowledge that will help conserve or maintain healthy ecosystems. Follow the l above to view the AIP Atlas.

The AIP catalogue at has records of information relating to AIP atlas. As of mid-July 2009, it has about 429 records on items such as GIS data, reports, websites, and so on The majority of the content are websites. It contains 117 non-government websites, 56 Canadian government websites, 30 multi-agency websites, 42 web portals, and 30 websites with internet mapping tools. Some of these websites fall under multiple categories. When necessary, the records will contain keywords on other categories. Other categories of websites include database websites, First Nations, provincial governments, US governments, municipal governments, international governments. The catalogue also includes 26 GIS data records and 12 reports.

All the websites in the catalogue are related to aquatic information, natural resources, or environmental conservation. The internet mapping tools websites from various organizations contains tools for viewing GIS data on a map much like the AIP atlas. The GIS data entries on the catalogue are available on the AIP atlas. When we receive data from various providers, we enter the metadata in the catalogue so that it’s searchable. We can also pinpoint the spatial scale or location of the GIS data or project on a map associated with the GIS data record. The AIP Catalogue will grow and evolve as time goes on if there are resources to help keep it alive and if there are processes to encourage users to catalogue references themselves . More content will be entered as time and resources permit.

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