Private Well Network (PWN)

The Private Well Network (PWN) is a community-based initiative designed to encourage private well owners to protect their health through regular and affordable testing of well water quality.

Gulf Islands Atlas

The Gulf Islands Atlas is a web-based mapping tool that brings together a variety of information about the natural and cultural attributes and resources of the southern Gulf Islands region. Its main purpose is to foster public awareness of the resources within Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, and to help park managers make informed decisions that promote the maintenance of ecological integrity on park lands while at the same time allowing for public enjoyment and education opportunities.

Abbotsford Watershed atlas

The Abbotsford Watershed atlas is on the CMN. This atlas is part of the Abbotsford Land Trust’s Natural Areas Stewardship project. Users will be able to learn more about the sub-watershed in which they live and how it connects to the larger watershed.