Projects Directory

What is the CMN Project Directory?

The purpose of the Community Mapping Network Project Directory is to make valuable information about community mapping projects around the world available to both local and international communities. For each project the geographic location, and in some cases specific features of the project sites are shown on an interactive global atlas. A detailed description about each project is also available that provides the projects’ goals, methods, and status. Each project in the atlas has an associated descriptive report that includes important contact information and organization name. Viewers are encouraged to contact the organization to ask questions about the projects or to find out how they can get involved. Since many of the community mapping projects are ongoing, information found in this directory is constantly being updated.

Who should add a project in the CMN Project Directory?

The aim of many of the mapping projects is to collect natural resource information about fish and wildlife species and sensitive riparian, fresh water and marine habitats. Mapping typically takes place in rural and urban areas to assist planning sustainable communities and should also be used as a vehicle for empowering community conservation and stewardship of natural resources. The more individuals and groups that become part of the community mapping network directory the greater our knowledge base of efforts being undertaken on a global scale. The future of our planet and the general health of our natural resources will benefit by communicating knowledge about successful local, community-based projects.

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